Broken or scrambled emails

If you find that a newsletter preview or automated email is received as scrambled code or in plain HTML:

One of the following situations could be occurring:

  • The spam filter or email server scanning your incoming message has seen something it doesn't like in your content and has "quarantined" the message. This creates the format changes you're seeing.
    Please consult with your IT provider that manages your subscriber's incoming email servers.
  • In a similar way, anti-virus programs will sometimes "break" multipart email templates and display them as raw HTML code. These kind of issues are generally very isolated.
    To fix this, you'll need to change your anti-virus settings to accept or trust multipart email messages. For additional guidance, please contact the software company that produces your anti-virus program.
  • Some email programs will display multipart messages as garbled code or an attachment, if an email message doesn't contain both HTML and plain-text content.