I see {{xx}} where the reservation data should appear

Guestfolio software has the ability to insert personalized tags into electronic communications, for example you can begin emails with a personalized name tag.  In design mode these will appear as curly braces with a tag inside them {{ reservation.full_name }}  Most often the tag should be fairly easy to understand and deduce what data will be populated in it.

Personalization tags can be inserted into automated emails, marketing campaigns and survey reply templates.  This is done by clicking Personalization from the editor tool bar.

When the email is sent, Guestfolio will cross reference the subscriber or guest profile and pull in the relevant data to populate the tag.  In design view and preview the tags will always appear unpopulated.  If you want to check that the tags are actually pulling in the correct data you wish to see, create a test reservation or campaign with your email address and send this to yourself.