SPAM Policies & Governance

CAN-SPAM / CASL prohibits the sending of a commercial electronic message to an electronic address unless the person to whom the message is sent has explicitly consented to receiving it.  Consent can be given in two ways, express consent and implied consent.

  • Express consent: e.g. check a box to opt in.
  • Implied consent: the recipient and the sender have an existing business relationship (i.e: made a hotel reservation).

What measures do we have in place

Guestfolio helps you stay compliant with spam laws through the use of smart emailing technology and adherence to email best practices.

  • Newsletters cannot be saved or sent without an unsubscribe link.
  • Any subscriber that opts to no longer receive emails from your property will be automatically and instantly unsubscribed from your database.
  • We require that consent to send emails is maintained for all subscribers in your database, without this Guestfolio will not allow you to send emails to your guests.  Ensuring your guests want to receive your emails will also increase their engagement with your emails.
  • Uploaded subscriber lists must contain at least first name, last name and email address fields.  Sending an email to someone without knowing their name is against best practice and would imply a lack of business relationship.
  • Each hotel client using Guestfolio maintains their own sending reputation. Therefore your hotel will not be affected by other client accounts if they are in violation of CAN-SPAM / CASL.
  • We strongly recommend the configuration of an SPF record so Guestfolio may send on behalf of your brand’s domain name.

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