User role permissions

    Guestfolio has several roles that you can apply to a user to allow them distinct access to certain parts of the system. These roles loosely mimic positions within a hotel infrastructure, users can have one or more roles assigned to them to allow additional functionality.


    • All of the functionality of the other roles
    • Can view all Guestfolio reports
    • Can view and update Hotel details and Hotel Settings
    • Can view, create and manage all other Users


    • Can view Requests and Newsletter Campaigns
    • Can view Reports for Reservations, Automated emails, Requests and Newsletter Campaigns


    • Can view and manage Requests
    • Can view, create and manage Events and Notices


    • Can view and manage Requests
    • Can view and manage Surveys 
    • Can view Request and Survey reports
    • Can view and reply to individual Survey Responses
    • Can view and update Hotel Branding and Social Media Profiles


    • Can view Profiles and Reservations
    • Can view all users
    • Can unsubscribe email addresses 
    • Can view, add or remove Subscribers interests
    • Can view the Failed email report


    • Can view, manage and create Automated Emails, Newsletter campaigns, Subscriber interests and Email templates
    • Can view, manage, create and upload Subscriber Lists
    • Can view and update Hotel Branding and Social Media Profiles
    • Can view and update Email Settings
    • Can view the Automated Email reports


    • Can view, manage and create Cancellation Policies, Rate Codes and Rooms
    • Can view Reservation reports


    • Can view, manage and create Events and Notices
    • Can create Reservations
    • Can view Reservation reports


    • Can access multiple Hotels' accounts
      (can only be assigned by Guestfolio - Please contact us if you need access to multiple properties)

    N.B. for all users: No user can edit the 'Type' of email once it has been created and saved under 'View automated emails'. This is to prevent active emails changing their 'Type'. By doing so when the account is active, it can skew the data and cause duplicate emails to be sent out. If a 'Type' needs to be changed, a new email should be created and the out of date email should have the 'Active' box un-checked. Please note: if you would like an email to be deleted from the list, let the Guestfolio team know via