Mobile Concierge Branding Guidelines

The Mobile Concierge platform is a fully managed concierge guide for your hotel and the surrounding area. Although the majority of the content in your concierge is managed by our team there are a few items you can control.

Important : Your Mobile Concierge and Survey share the same background and layout. If you change the background color of your concierge for example or font color, ensure that your survey is still legible. If in doubt, please contact our content team for assistance : 

Items you manage

  1. Under Settings/Branding: Create a welcome page that guests view the first time they go to your Mobile Concierge. 

    Your Welcome Page look like this:

  2. Under Settings/Branding: Modify your background colour, font colours and upload your logo
  3. Under Settings/Branding: Add your social media profiles so they appear on the footer of your Mobile Concierge
  4. Under Settings/Hotel Details: Modify your hotel contact information, check-in/out times and your local currency
  5. Under Settings/Users: Add, remove or adjust the settings of each user to control what type of access they have on your Dashboard
  6. Under Settings/Users: For each user you can modify their Role (how much access they have), determine the frequency of their 'guest request' notifications, enable a bounced email report and determine the timing of the arrivals report.
  7. Under Settings/Guestfolio Settings: Add your TripAdvisor review page and/or select the items in your PMS that if changed will send a notification email to your guest.
  8. Under Guests: Create a new sample reservation if you'd like to view your Mobile Concierge or your Survey. This Does not push back into your PMS. Unsubscribe guests.
  9. Under Your Concierge/Requests: View and acknowledge guest requests.
  10. Under Your Concierge/Notices & Events: Create Notices that will appear in emails or on any Page of your Mobile Concierge. Or create Events that will appear on the guests' Itinerary Page of the Mobile Concierge if they are staying on the date of the event.
  11. Under Your Concierge/Automated Emails: You can create ("Create new email"), modify or schedule ("Edit") and view ("Preview") your automated email messages before making them active (being sent to guests.) When you're ready to go live and send emails to guests you can check the box beside "Active?" which is located at the bottom of the "Edit" screen.
  12. Under Your Concierge/Rooms, Rates & Pages: You can add ("Create new room") and modify ("Edit") your guest rooms, room codes and photos. You can add "Room upgrades" at the bottom of the "Edit" page. Don't forget to add your rate codes, public descriptions and cancellation policies.
  13. Under Newsletters: Upload and manage guest lists, create a web subscription box, Manage interest groups, create, proof and send newsletter campaigns. Modify your newsletter templates
  14. Under Surveys: Under "Edit"> Update "Description" which is what the guest will see before completing the survey. Update "Confirmation," which is what the will see after they complete the survey. Under "Reporting" you can determine which surveys will be seen by specific emails. Underneath you're able to turn a TripAdvisor push on or off.

Items that we manage

  1. All Listings under each Page of your Mobile Concierge except for "Room Upgrades" as these are controlled by you. 
  2. The overall branding of the Mobile Concierge. Such as, the icons, colors, web fonts - You can choose the background color and/or image of your Mobile Concierge. If you want to use a background image make sure it's at least1920X1080 pixels large.
  3. The overall look and feel of your Pages and the layout of your Mobile Concierge. *We promise to make it look nice :)

Here's a guide to the level of customization that we can control on your Mobile Concierge. **Please note that we are not able to add certain features and functionality.

Navigation Bar

  • Your logo will appear in the upper left corner and be no taller than 100 pixels.
  • Tell us what background colour and/or image you'd like in your navigation bar.
  • Tell us if you'd like to use custom Page icons if you have some of your own. Please note that they need to be PNG files (200x200 px) If you don't want the icons we can hide them for you.
  • Let us know if you'd like to use a different font in the Navigation Bar.
  • Let us know if you'd prefer B&W or colored icons for local weather.
  • Please note that the Navigation Bar is not able to be moved or have its' height modified.


  • Let us know what you'd like each pages' title and introduction text to be. Tell us which font family, size and color you'd like the text to be. 
  • Please provide us with a main photo (640 x 480 px) for each page. This will sit to the left of your introduction text.
  • Choose which color you'd like your Tabs to be. The Tabs section is in purple at the bottom of the screen. The highlighted tab reads "SIGNATURE TREATMENTS." Let us know what your Tabs will be named. You're able to have a max of 3 Tabs per Page. 

Listings (You supply this content)

  • Let us know what you'd like displayed in the Listings of your Mobile Concierge. You're able to have up to 6 Listings per Tab or 18 Listings per Page if you have 3 Tabs on each Page.
  • Choose how you'd like your Listings displayed. There are three ways to show your listings: Horizontal, 2-in a row Vertical and 3-in a row Vertical (This is the style of the listings shown above)
  • The image size and text boxes will always be the same size for each listing.
  • Tell us what you'd like each 'Call to Action' of each listing (Also called "Product) to be. When a guest to your Mobile Concierge clicks on your call to action they'll either shown a form (linked to an email address provided by you), prompted to write an email, visit a website, or call a phone number of your choosing.