Room codes and upgrades

This document outlines the steps necessary to set up room upgrades which a guest can see in their Mobile Concierge.

Room upgrades allow for guests to see and request a higher room type than currently reserved from their Mobile Concierge. 

Hotel settings To view, create & edit Room codes and upgrades in Guestfolio, select "Hotel Settings" from the top right settings icon.

For instructions on creating a new room type see: See: Adding room codes, photos and descriptions.

For new accounts, it is strongly recommended to create your highest class room first, then when building the lower room classes, the higher ones will already be created and you can add the upgrade path as you build them.

Room upgrade paths should be set up with the most superior room type at the top of the list on all subsequent rooms listed below.  Once you have your room Code, Name, Image and Description set up, scroll down to the Room upgrades section and select the following options:

Allow guest to request  - If this option is selected the room will display as a potential upgrade option within the Mobile Concierge.  A guest will only see rooms that are a higher level than their present room.

User to receive request - Can select from a drop down menu of available users to receive the upgrade request.

Show price - Checking this box will display the upgrade price in the Mobile Concierge.  If it is unchecked, guests will not see a price.  The price will still be used for the Request Revenue Report, as such even if you don't want your guests to see a price it is still important to enter one in this section.

Next select "Add room upgrade" 

Three options can be selected here:

Upgrade to room - Shows available room types, only rooms of superior type should be selected here.

Price - Displays the cost to upgrade from a guest's selected room type to a superior room type.  This is the additional cost that would be added to the original price of the guest booking in order to upgrade the room type.  Needs to be entered for reporting purposes even if it will not be displayed to the guest.  

Position - Denotes the level of superiority of room types.  Most superior room should always be 1.

When finished click "Update room" to save the changes.