How to build a custom email

Building your own emails within Guestfolio gives you the flexibility to craft your own pre-arrival program.

If you are uncomfortable building your own emails or would like to have our email specialists build them for you please contact us at A charge of $125 per unique email will apply.

  1. Login to your Dashboard and select Automated Emails. Shortcut
  2. You can choose to 'Create new automated email' by clicking the blue button in the top right corner however we suggest you copy one of your default emails that were provided to you. 

  3. Choose the most appropriate email type based on what information you hope to display in your new email. If it is a rate based email like a cancellation email then copy your confirmation email. If you would like to create an email with specific timing, you will need to copy one of your automated emails (i.e. one setup to be sent out 7 days before arrival).
  4. The page will reload showing you the contents of your new 'copied' email. We suggest you scroll to the very bottom of the page and ensure the 'Active?' box is NOT selected.
  5. From the top, move down the page and modify the settings and text within the various fields and boxes. Click 'Save email' when you are done or want to save what you've been working on.

Important things to consider

Conditions: If you would like this email to be sent to a particular segment of your guests you need to add a Condition Group. The image below shows you a Condition Group for a unique rate code called INQUIRY. When active, this email will only go to guests who have a rate code of INQUIRY in the reservation.

Type & Template: The Type pull down menu allows Guestfolio to track this email correctly.

Schedule: The schedule allows you to automate the delivery of this email.

Use the pull down menus to determine the appropriate template to use for your email. By default you have one created for your account.

Active?: When you are all done and feel confident about your email changes, click Active. Now your email will be sent depending on the conditions and schedule you've created.