Working with Rate Codes in Guestfolio

Working with Rate Codes in Guestfolio

Guestfolio will add a rate code if available for each reservation that we import from your property PMS system. You can then display additional information based on the rate code in your automated emails. For example if your guests can book a bed and breakfast package based on a rate code of "BB" you may want to display an additional line in your confirmation email to say "Your reservation package includes accommodation and buffet breakfast served daily" 

Hotel settings To view, create & edit rate codes in Guestfolio, select "Hotel Settings" from the top right settings icon.

You can manually add rate codes to this section and/or Guestfolio will also automatically scan your reservation imports and will add new entries for any rate codes that we see on a reservation. Rate codes added automatically will have identical rate codes & rate code names and will not have a description. Rate codes with no description won't be displayed on your emails until a description is added.

Rate code suppressions - Guestfolio can automatically suppress or hide revenue on your confirmation emails for reservations with a particular rate code. You can see this via the "Rate suppressed?" column.

How to manually add rate codes and descriptions to your account

  1. Click on " create new rate code" in the top right corner of the rate code screen.

  2. Rate code suppressions -  You can activate or deactivate this feature by selecting the "Rate suppressed?" check box. Checking the box will mean any reservations with this rate code wont show pricing details.

  3. Enter your rate code exactly as specified in your PMS in the "Code" field. (eg. BAR)

  4. Enter the Name for the Rate Code. This can be displayed in your confirmation email using {{ reservation.rate_name }} 

  5. Enter the description for the Rate Code. This detailed description can be added to the confirmation email using 
    {{ reservation.rate_description }}
    This is useful for describing package extras or extra information related to the reservation.
  6. Click "Create Rate Code" to save. 

How to edit rate codes that have been added to your account automatically

Rate codes that have been added automatically by our system will always have the same rate code and rate code name.

To edit an automatically added rate code, click on the rate code name and update the details of the rate code. Remember the rate code information will not display if there is no rate code description entered into the system.