Create Unsubscribe URL

The Guestfolio email policy states that Newsletters must contain an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to remove their email address from your subscriber list at their request.

Typically, when we build a newsletter template the unsubscribe link is pre-created for you. However, if you create your own template you may need to create the unsubscribe link yourself.

To do this, you need to edit your newsletter. Navigate to Newsletters then Marketing campaigns. Select the campaign you wish to edit. 

In the body of the email type your unsubscribe text e.g. Unsubscribe from this list
Highlight the entire sentence
Select the chain link icon from the editor toolbar

A link editor window will pop up

As the the above screen shot, ensure Link Type is "URL"
Select Protocol <other>
enter the text {% unsubscribe_url %} into URL text box.

Press OK, and Next or Save draft & exit

This will auto generate an unique unsubscribe link on each newsletter email.