How to setup your guest survey, including TripAdvisor and other review services

This article takes you through the features of ‘editing your guest survey’. Our team will build and manage your survey questions but there are a number of other items you can edit to customize the experience for your guests.
Login to your Dashboard and go to Surveys & Satisfaction → click your Active survey → Edit survey settings. (shortcut)

Customizing your survey

Title: The title sits below your survey’s menu. Typically you would type in something like ‘Leisure Guest Survey’

Active/Inactive: This determines when your survey should be shown. Ensure it is set to expire many years from now or leave it blank to have it active indefinitely.

Description: This is the intro text that greets your guests when they land on this page.

Confirmation/completion message
☛ You can determine the confirmation message that appears on the page once the guest completes your guest survey. If you utilize our TripAdvisor partnership your message will sit above the TripAdvisor review form.


Score goal: This is your internal goal setting benchmark. Change it to whatever you wish. Modifying this will determine whether your monthly satisfaction ratings appear in red (below goal) or green (meet or achieve goal).

Daily reporting: Type in the names of the people who should be sent a daily digest of survey submissions each morning.

Monthly reporting: Type in the names of the people who should be sent a monthly digest of survey submissions.

Adding TripAdvisor

Type: Select the review service you would like to add.

Unique Id: Paste in your unique TripAdivsor ID. To locate your ID visit the TripAdvisor web page for your hotel. The address of this page will display your unique id. We have highlighted the unique ID for the Sundial Boutique Hotel, Whistler (249944)

☛  Note: We have to abide by the terms and conditions of TripAdvisor which dictate that all guests are invited to post a traveler review.

When the TripAdvisor review service is added, your guest's will be shown the following screen upon completion of your survey.

Guestfolio can also pre-populate the Trip-Advisor review screen (shown below) with answers your guest's have previously submitted in your hotel survey. Pre-populating the TripAdvisor review saves time and avoids double entry for your guests which will result in more reviews and lower abandonment rates.

The screenshot on the left is without the pre-populated fields, the right screenshot is with the pre-populated fields.  If you don’t have an equivalent to all of these questions in your survey we can still pass through whichever ones you do have, or you can use this as an opportunity to update your survey to add or modify some of your questions.

Further reading on setting up  TripAdvisor review pre-population or, to submit a work order to have this set up. 

☛  Note: TripAdvisor review widget languages must be triggered by language.

Adding other review services

Yelp, Triptease etc.

You can add other review services to your survey completion page which will show a link off to each service prompting your guest to complete a review on the site, these additional services can be filtered to show only when the guests response score is at a certain goal or if you have a specific question flagged in your survey to trigger these review services to show. 

Please see here for a list of each review services and the required "Unique Id".