Introduction to Guest Profiles

What are Guest Profiles?

Guest Profiles have been designed to provide a broad overview of a guest's social information, as well as including aggregated information for total spend, average survey rating and generated request revenue. When viewing a guest profile you can:

  • Easily update defined subscriber interests for a guest profile.
  • View a detailed profile of guest interaction at your property.
  • View information on whether a guest's email address is active (subscribed) or unsubscribed.
  • Edit guests profiles directly in Guestfolio, making it easier for you to update key guest information such as their Name, e-mail address and location.
  • Create new guest profiles using the ‘Add Profile’ feature.
  • Select a profile as a primary contact, allowing you to easily target the correct guest profile when multiple profiles share the same email address.
  • Keep your guest database organised with the ability to delete profiles.

Guest Profiles’ can be found on the left column of any page, or you can search for a profile directly by entering a name, reservation number or email address into the search function found at the top of the page.