How to create a subscriber list

Guestfolio subscriber lists are not the same as traditional subscriber lists generated through other newsletter marketing software. Lists are generated through a set of criteria which then include any matched subscribers from your system, this filter criteria can be built up to segment your lists and provide a targeted marketing approach for individuals.

In the administration area, navigate to NewslettersSubscriber lists. In the top right, click the “Create new subscriber list” button. 

This will bring up a form asking for a name. If you leave the list with the initial setup you will create a list that includes all of your subscribers who have interacted with your brand or property in the past 2 years.

Creating a targeted list

In order to create a more targeted list you can use what we call "conditions," conditions are like filters which control who will be in your subscriber list.  Click on "Add condition group" in the top left corner of the screen to bring up a condition box.

Conditions in Guestfolio are made up of three parts, the field, predicate and value.

Field - you can view all available fields by clicking on the first dropdown menu in the condition box.  Example fields you could sort by include country, stay dates or market segment.

Predicate - found under the second drop down menu in the condition box.  Tells Guestfolio how the field will be looked at, for example "equals" or "not equal to."

Value - the specific thing the condition is looking to filter by.

Example:  In the screenshot below we have a field of "Country", a predicate of "Equals" and a value of Canada.  This condition would give you all records in your subscriber database that are from Canada.  

After adding in a condition, hit refresh at the bottom of the page to see the updated subscriber count.

Condition Boxes

Conditions are always grouped in boxes, conditions grouped in the same box all have to be true for the condition test to pass.  Conditions grouped in separate boxes mean that either or both can be true for the condition to pass.

Example:  The condition box below would return all subscribers who are from Canada and who's language selection is English.

Example:  In the example below the same conditions as above are separated into two condition boxes.  You can verify this by the fact that the second condition box reads "OR" in the top left as opposed to "AND."  In this case the conditions would return all subscribers who are from Canada or who speak English.  Because the conditions are separate People from Canada would not have to speak English to be included in the list and people who speak English would also not have to be from Canada to make the list.

Combining multiple conditions

Conditions options are endless, in the example below we would get all subscribers who are not from Canada, France or China who are also not from a market segment of OTA.

When you have your conditions set up, fill in the following options:

  • Name - The name of your list
  • Locked - Leaving this box unchecked will make the list dynamic.  Any new subscribers that enter your database that match the criteria for the list will be automatically added to it.  In this was your lists will continue to grow as your database increases.  Checking the "Locked box will stop this from happening and make the list static.
  • Subscribers - Shows you the total count of your list, you can make changes to the list's conditions, hit refresh and see how the count changes.

Saving options

  • Create/Update subscriber list - Saves the list and returns you to the subscriber list page.
  • Save and show - Saves and opens the list so you can view it's contents
  • Save and send to - Saves and opens "Studio" our email marketing campaign builder so you can create a campaign, attach your list and send right away.