Adding and managing events

Hotels often host, run or facilitate events for the added enjoyment of their guests. Some examples of events that we've seen our clients put on include things like wine tasting nights, weekly buffets, performances, guided tours, nature walks, etc. All events have a date & time, some are one off and some re-occur regularly, occasionally or seasonally. 

The Guestfolio itinerary provides a powerful way for your guests to discover and request participation in these events.
Events appear on a guest's personal itinerary if they are occurring during their stay dates. Lets take a look at an example from the Itinerary tab of a guest's Concierge:

You can see the event here " Live Music Fridays", which appears at the relevant date and time in the guest itinerary with the option to request attendance.

This article will explain how to create and manage events.

Adding an event:

  1. Log in to your Guestfolio Dashboard at (you will require a username and password)
  2. Click on ‘Mobile Concierge’ displayed on your navigation sidebar and select ‘In-house Events', from this page you'll see a 'Create a new Event’ button.
  3. Now you can begin filling out the event details. There are three parts to the form:


    Conditions control which guests will get to see the event on their itinerary.
    The example above will only show this event to guests with rate code " R01". You do not need to add any conditions if you do not require them. This stays blank for most events. For a more detailed explanation about how to use conditions, please contact us.

    Event details
    Name is the name given to the event, eg "Live Music Fridays".
    Description is the detailed description of the event, which the guest can see if they click on the event for more information. You can add formatting and images via the editor tools.
    Active determines whether the event is enabled or not. Inactive events will not be seen by anyone.
    Requestable If selected, the guest will be able to explicitly request attendance/participation in this event, via the Request link in their Itinerary (see screenshot above). Your hotel staff will receive a guest request notification when they do so. This is useful for events that require some kind of per guest setup, for example; a place setting for a formal dinner.


  4. Scheduling controls when the event will occur. The simplest schedule is for a one off event, for which you set Occurs to "once", and you only need to fill out the Start Time, End Time & Date.
    The more complex example above shows a recurring event schedule for Wine Wednesdays, which happens every week, on a Wednesday, for the whole year. If you need help with complex event scheduling, please contact us.
  5. After filling out the above three sections, click "Update Event" at the bottom of the screen to create your event.