Notices on your Mobile Concierge and Automated Emails

Notices are a Guestfolio feature designed to allow hotels to present announcements, news, etc to your guests. For example, a hotel might want to announce a new pool opening, or perhaps tell guests of an award they have recently won.

Notices can appear on any page of a guest's Concierge, and/or be included in automated emails to guests.

Adding a notice:

  1. Navigate to Mobile concierge -> Guest notices displayed on the sidebar.
  2. Select Create new notice in the top right. You can now begin to set the conditions under which the notice will appear.
    The example below will only show this notice to guests staying in room type " R01". If you want your notice to appear to all guests you do not need to add any conditions. For a more detailed explanation about how to use conditions, please contact us

Add the content of your notice

  • Name is the name given to the event, eg "Pool closed".
  • Description is the detailed description of the notice, which will be displayed as the notice . You can add formatting and images via the editor tools.                                                                                                                     
  • Page controls which page of the guests' Concierge this notice will appear on. Leave blank if you only want to use this notice in emails.
  • Order denotes the order the notices will be added to the mobile concierge if there are multiple notices.
  • Active determines whether the event is enabled or not. Inactive events will not be seen by anyone.
  • Allow guest to request? If selected, the guest will be able to explicitly request attendance/participation for the subject of this notice, via the Request link in the notice when it is displayed. Your hotel staff will receive a guest request notification when they do so. This is useful for notices about subjects that require some kind of per guest setup, for example; a place setting for a formal dinner in a new restaurant.
  • User to receive request will only be available if "Allow guest to request" is set to Yes.  This controls who will receive the guest request.

After filling out the above sections, click "Create Notice" at the bottom of the screen to create your notice.