Setting up automated survey responses, survey reply templates

Automated survey responses are sent to a guest after they complete & submit your survey. The message is sent if that guest response fits the criteria of your automation setting. Your pre-written message will be sent to a guest if their survey response is above, below or equal to an approval rating of your choice.

Here's how to create an automated survey response:

  1. Log in to the Guestfolio Dashboard, and select Automated emails > Survey reply templates
  2. Click the button in the top right corner to Create a new survey reply template.

    Name: Example - Joe's response to a negative survey (this is for your reference only and will not be seen by the guest)
    From name: Example - Joe Smith
    From email: Example -
    Bcc email: Use this if you want to receive the automated response each time it is sent to a guest. Put your email address in here.
    Subject: Example - Thank you for your response - we're happy you had a great time!
    Email template: You can use any of the email templates in your account. New templates can be designed for you if required. Please send your Account Manager a request to build a new template. Charges apply.
    HTML body: This is where you type your note just like you would an email. Keep in mind it should be somewhat generic.
    Example: Thank you for taking the time to fill out our guest survey. We're delighted to hear you enjoyed your stay with us and we hope we have the opportunity to welcome you back soon.
    Text Body: This is the version on email that will be sent to clients that do not accept HTML email. You can copy the text from the HTML body.

  3. Now that you have all of your details inserted you may check the 'trigger' box to automate it. The trigger criteria opens up to allow you to specify the conditions for when this note should be sent to the guest. 

  4. When you're done, click 'Create survey reply template' and it will now be active if you've enabled it. 


  • If you want your email to go to guests who have a negative stay you will need to set the trigger to 'Less than' and '65%'. You determine the value of course but when you do so the automated response will go to each guest who fills out a survey and that total satisfaction rate is less than 65%.