How to view a sample of a guest’s Mobile Concierge

You can view a sample of what your guests will see once they open the custom link in either their confirmation or pre-arrival email.  Please note that each guests mobile concierge is specific to a particular guest and reservation.  Parts of the mobile concierge can be hidden or revealed to different reservations based on dates of stay or different reservation types.  As such it is impossible to view a generic mobile concierge or view a mobile concierge for a guest without a reservation.

You can create a sample a sample reservation as detailed here and then follow the steps above to preview that reservation. However as per the above the sample reservation won't necessarily look the same as another guest's reservation. 

To view a preview of the Mobile Concierge for a specific guest & reservation

  1. Log in to your Dashboard account at
  2. Locate the guest using Search, Activity Page or the Reservations page.
  3. Click the guest name or reservation number to view the reservation details.
  4. In the top right, click “Preview mobile concierge”. This will load the guest’s concierge in a new window.