How to unsubscribe and re-subscribe a guest and view consent status

To send emails to your guests you need to have their permission or consent to do so. For more information on consent to send emails click  here.

Sometimes, for various reasons, guests may no longer want to receive email communication from Guestfolio, or your hotel staff may want to prevent them from receiving Guestfolio email. To achieve this, you simply need to unsubscribe them.

How to to view a guest's subscription status and/or unsubscribe a guest from all Guestfolio email communication.
  1. Navigate to Newsletters > All subscribers, click on "Search" in the top left corner of the screen and enter in the guests name or email address.

  2. Click on the guest's name to open their profile

  3. Next to the guests email address will be a button that will display the guests subscription status.

    4.  Clicking on this button will reveal a popup menu with more detailed information about subscription status.  If you want to unsubscribe the guest, click on the "Unsubscribe" button. 

  4.  Guestfolio will ask you to confirm that you wish to unsubscribe the this person, click yes to confirm.

  5. The guest will no longer receive email from Guestfolio, with the exception of confirmation emails if they were to make a new booking.

How to resubscribe a guest so they will receive communications from your property again.

1.  Navigate to Newsletters > All Subscribers and click on "Search" in the top left corner to reveal the search window.  Make sure the Status field is set to "Unsubscribed"  Enter in the name or email address you wish to find and click on Search.

2.  From the list of results click on the name of the guest you wish to resubscribe

3.  Next to the guests email address, click on the button labeled "Unsubscribed"  This will open a drop down menu which will give you some more information regarding when and why the guest is unsubscribed. This may be because the guest elected to not receive emails from your property or because their consent to be sent emails expired.  For more information on consent to send emails, click  here.

4.  Click on the blue button in the pop up window labeled "Send Subscription Request" This will trigger Guestfolio to send what is known as a double opt in email which will ask the guest to confirm they wish to receive emails from your property. Guestfolio will ask you to confirm you wish to send the opt in email with the following message below, click OK to confirm and send. For more information on the double opt in email, click  here.

5. Until the guest answers the email their consent will be shown as pending.

5.  Once the guest confirms they do wish to receive emails from your property, you will have their express consent to send them emails indefinitely. For more information on consent to send emails, click  here.