Inserting personalized links or text in newsletters

If you want to make your marketing emails content more personal you can can include several tags which will format to show the individual recipients information when the email is sent.

To do this open any marketing campaign in Studio, the Guestfolio email design platform and proceed to the design page.

Place your cursor in the content where you wish to place the personalized text, then click the drop down menu labeled "Personalization" on the top right of the editing toolbar. You will be presented with the options available with which you can include personal text to be displayed.

Guestfolio offers the following personalization currently:

  • {{ subscriber.title }} Adds the subscriber's title, such as Mr or Mrs
  • {{ subscriber.first_name }} Adds the first name of the guest/recipient
  • {{ subscriber.last_name }} Adds the last name of the guest/recipient
  • {{ subscriber.full_name }} Adds the first and last name of the guest/recipient
  • {{ subscriber.full_name_and_title }} Adds the title, first and last name of the guest/recipient
  • {{ subscriber.campaign_subject }} Adds the campaign subject
  • {{ subscriber.view_on_web_url }} Adds a link for the recipient to view the email in a web page
  • {{ subscriber.unsubscribe_url }} Adds a link for a recipient to unsubscribe from further communications
  • {{ subscriber.profile_url }} Adds a link for the recipient to manage their subscription preferences.

* Note that your data must contain the first name, last name or title of the guest for this personalization to appear.