Interests - how to create

For a detailed overview of Interests, click here.  This article will focus on how to setup and define interests in Guestfolio.

On your Guestfolio dashboard navigate to Newsletters and click on the Subscriber interests tab.  The following screen will show you all your currently set up interests.

Click on Create new subscriber interest  in the top right corner of the screen to create a new interest.  

Fill out the following options:

  • Name - The name of the interest
  • Public? - If you have a web email sign up form embedded in your website you can prompt guests to select interests during the signup process.  Checking the public box will make the interest available as a selection.  Not checking the public box will leave the interest hidden.
  • Position - Controls the order of interests shown on the web signup form.  Position 1 will be the first interest shown.

Select "Create subscriber interest" to finalize the interest and return to the interests page.  Selecting "Send to" will open Studio, our email marketing platform as well as creat a new subscriber list based in the newly created interest.