Interests overview

Guestfolio gives you great power to learn as much as possible about your guests to develop more comprehensive guest profiles. The more you know about your guests the better you can personalize their travel experience. Having in-depth knowledge of a guest will also allow you to focus your marketing and communication efforts more specifically towards different guest types.  

To help you accomplish this, Guestfolio utilizes what we call "Interests." These are tags that can be assigned to a guest profile to record something that the guest enjoys or is interested in.  

Some common interest examples include:

  • Restaurants/Dining.
  • Spa.
  • Activities - Golf, Skiing, Scuba diving, Hiking etc.
  • Sporting events or teams.
  • Events or conferences
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Wine/Beer/Sprits
  • Nature
  • History

Before you can assign an interest you need to setup your different interests in Guestfolio. Click below for more information on how to setup interests.  Interests - how to create

Interests can be added to subscriber profiles in Guestfolio via a number of methods:

  • Manual addition - Interests can be manually assigned to any guest profile. Any guest information learned by front desk, concierge or any other team members can be entered and stored in Guestfolio.
  • Via CSV file upload - When uploading a list of subscribers into Guestfolio you can assign interests to all subscribers on the list
  • Web signup form - Guest's can be prompted to specify certain interests when they enter their email address on a web signup form.

One you start to build up your subscriber interest data you can begin to use that to send more targeted emails to specific groups. To do that you can create subscriber lists based on interests and other parameters.

Automated Interest Tracking - Guestfolio gives you the ability to automatically assign interests to a guest profile based on links they click on in marketing emails you send them. This allows you to dramatically increase the amount of interest data you have available. For more information on tagged click tracking, click here.

For more information on subscriber lists click below:

Subscriber Lists