Conditions - segmenting by number of previous stays

Guestfolio allows you to send targeted emails to specific segments of your guest database.  To do this we use what we call "Conditions."  For general information on setting up conditions click the link below:

Conditions and filters

This article will discuss one specific condition that allows you to send emails to guests based on if they have stayed at your hotel before and how many times.

Making the travel experience more personalized for your guests will promote brand loyalty and encourage repeat visitation.  To help with this, Guestfolio allows you to separate your guests by number of previous stays.  In this way you could send different confirmation emails to guest who are staying for the first time vs guests who have stayed previously.  You might also use this to send different bring-back or pre-arrival emails to guests who stay often vs those who have only stayed once or twice.  

To set up this condition, navigate to Automated Emails and select Automated Emails again from the drop down menu.  Click on the email you wish to add the conditions to and select "Edit automated email" in the top right corner of the screen.

On the following screen select "Add condition group" in the top left corner of the screen and scroll down in the drop down menu until you find "number of past reservations"

In the field to the right of this condition you have the option to select several ways in which you can filter this condition.  We would recommend setting this up using either "equals/not equal to" or "less than/greater than".  

In the third box on the right you can enter the specific values that you want to filter by.  For example if you wanted to send two separate confirmation emails, one to guests who have stayed previously and one to guest's who have not stayed previously, the conditions would look like the following screenshots:

To target guests who have not stayed before:

To target guests who have stayed before:

To target guests who have stayed more then five times:

This could be used to set up a specific email to reward guests on their 5th stay for example.

You can also combine past reservation conditions to target a range of previous stays.  The condition group below would return all guest's who have stayed between 2 and 4 times.  Caution!  When setting up multiple conditions in a condition box such as the one below.  Make sure the "Matching All conditions" statement at the top of the box is set to "All" and not "Any."  

When you have the condition set up, select "Update automated email" at the bottom of the screen to commit the changes and update the email.