Introduction to Guestfolio

The Guestfolio dashboard is packed full of tools and features designed to help you run your hotel and personalize the travel experience for your guests. This article will outline some of the main features available in Guestfolio.

Basic Operations

Need help?  - Click on the question mark icon in the top right corner of any screen in Guestfolio to view options to search our help document library and also contact Guestfolio customer support.

Need to add new users or update your user profile? - Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Want to search for a reservation, guest profile or subscriber?  Use the search bar in the top right corner of any Guestfolio screen.

Dashboard Tabs

On the left side of Guestfolio can be found tabs that contain drop down menus for all Guestfolio functionality.

Activity  -  Displays overall recent activity for your hotel.

  • Latest activity - Lists recent TripAdvisor reviews, survey responses and guest requests.
  • Current guests - Simplified guest profiles for arriving, in-house and departing guests.
  • 30 day trends - Overview hotel account activity

Guest Reservations - Displays all guest reservations and profiles and other information relating to bookings.

  • Guest Reservations - Lists all reservations with the ability to access guest profiles and view/resend emails to a guest.
  • Rooms & upgrades - Shows room descriptions and possible upgrades
  • Rate codes - Lists all rate codes set up in Guestfolio
  • Cancellation policies - These are inserted into your emails, you can view and edit cancellation policies here

Automated Emails - All things related to transactional and reservation specific emails (confirmation, survey, pre-arrival, bring-back etc)

  • Automated Emails - Lists all your emails with options to view, change, send preview and adjust conditions.
  • Email settings - Displays triggers for modification emails.
  • Email templates - Themes that are applied to one or many of your automated emails, you can edit and create new ones here.
  • Survey reply templates - Prewritten responses to guests surveys, can set up and adjust response automation here too.

Guest Requests - Shows all requests made through your mobile concierge including status and notes.

Newsletters - All things related to marketing emails, separate from automated emails in that a subscriber here does not necessarily have to have stayed at your hotel.

  • All subscribers - Lists your total subscriber database
  • Marketing campaigns - All campaigns (marketing emails) your hotel has sent.
  • Subscriber lists -  Lists of subscribers that have been broken down by various conditions, such as location, spoken language etc.
  • Subscriber interests - Pre-defined tags that can be assigned to subscribers such as spa, restaurant, winter activities etc.
  • Import subscribers - Here you can upload lists of subscribers via csv file.  This could be from your restaurant or spa etc.
  • Signup form - Instructions and code needed to add a email signup form to your website.

Surveys & Satisfaction - Lists all surveys your hotel has with options to search guest responses and create reports.

Mobile Concierge - Here you can create notices and events to add to your mobile concierge and emails.  You can also update branding and social media for mobile concierge.  

Reports - Displays reporting for Reservations, emails, guest requests, marketing campaigns and guest surveys.