All subscribers - how to view and send email to

To view a list of every subscriber you have in your Guestfolio database, on the left side of the dashboard click on Newsletters > All subscribers.  The following screen will list your entire Guestfolio subscriber database and has a drop down search box to find individual records.  For more information on searching for subscribers, click here.

To send an email to all your subscribers you need to create a subscriber list for this.  Navigate to Newsletters > Subscriber lists.

In the top right corner of the screen select "Create new subscriber list" 

The following screen will list your total subscriber count.

To create a list to send to all subscribers simply enter a name for your list in the box provided and select "Create subscriber list"

The new list will show up up in your subscriber lists and can be attached to a marketing campaign.

For more detailed information on setting up customized subscriber lists, click here