How to send a test marketing campaign

So you used Guestfolio Studio to create a beautiful marketing campaign and you want to check it looks perfect before you send to your guests.

When viewing any marketing campaign, Guestfolio does give you the option to send a preview email.

However this will not have any personalized tags populated.  Sometimes seeing the real deal is necessary, sending a test campaign also allows you to experiment with setting up scheduling and sending a campaign.

To send a test campaign the first step is to make a copy of your marketing campaign.  Under Newsletters, Marketing Campaigns on the right side of the screen select the copy button for the campaign you with to copy

This will create a new copy of you campaign which will be in your list of campaigns with the title "Copy of ****"

Next you need to make sure your email address is added to your subscriber database, for information on how to do this click on the link below

Add a single subscriber to your database

The next step is to create a new subscriber list to send the campaign to.  This list will have yourself and anyone else that you wish to send the campaign to as the only recipients.

To do this go to Newsletters, Subscriber lists and select "Create new subscriber list" in the top right corner of the screen.

On the next screen select add condition group and make the condition "Email equals your email address"  You can repeat this step to add multiple email addresses, remembering to select "add condition group" not "add condition" each time to ensure Guestfolio picks up each email address separately.

Next up hit refresh at the bottom of the page and you should see the subscriber count change to 1 or however many email addresses you added to your list.  Give your list a name and select create subscriber list. 

Go back to your campaign and open it.  Select edit campaign at the right corner of the screen and then on the next screen select "Next"

On the following screen under "Recipient subscriber list *" select the list you just created.

If you're ready to send straight away select 'Send immediately" at the bottom of the page and your email will arrive in your inbox shortly.