Guest Reservations reports overview

Guest reservations reports can be found under the reports section of the dashboard.  Select Guest reservations from the line of tabs at the top of the page.

Searching for information

There are several ways to select different date ranges to display specific data in Guestfolio.

Select a date range manually via the date picker top left of the graph.

Select a pre defined date range from the options top right of the graph.

Use the scroll bar above the graph to select a date range.

Room revenue graph

  • Displays the average price of all rooms booked over a specific date range, hovering your mouse over a specific day will show details for that day only.
  • Below the main graph is a second smaller graph that shows average lead time (time between the date the booking was made and check in date)

Room revenue and bookings

  • This graph shows the total revenue collected for a specific time period, again hovering your mouse over a specific day will show details for that day.
  • The smaller graph below the main graph displays the total number of nights, reservations and cancellations booked for that day.  For example a reservation for seven days would display Nights = 7 Reserved = 1

Reservation origin map

Provides a visual representation of which geographic location your bookings are coming from.  Hovering your mouse over a specific country will show total number of bookings for that country and the percentage of bookings that came from the country.

Exporting data

Guestfolio offers a number of ways to extract report data.  At the top right of each graph is a button with various export options

  • Download - export the graph in various file formats, JPG, PDF etc.
  • Save as - save the file as either CSV, XLSX or JSON for further editing.
  • Annotate - Gives the option to draw on the graph, can be used when discussing or using the graph in a presentation.
  • Print - prints the graph.