Missing Email or Reservations

This article relates to when you are trying to locate a particular guest or reservation in Guestfolio. There are a few reasons why a guest or reservation might not receive their confirmation email.

Was the reservation imported to Guestfolio?

If you can not locate the guest or reservation, it may not have been imported yet. We import reservations from your PMS at regular intervals. Usually every hour but some schedules will differ. If the guest recently booked online, it can take time for the details to reach your PMS then Guestfolio.

Is there an email address associated with the reservation? We currently only import reservations with a valid email address.

Is the status of the reservation confirmed or reserved? A reservation status of 'HOLD' or 'Waitlist' will prevent the reservation from being imported to Guestfolio. Once these conditions are met, we import the reservation and the confirmation is sent at that time.

If everything above seems correct and you still cannot find the reservation in Guestfolio, it may be indicative of a connection problem between Guestfolio and your PMS. Please contact  support@guestfolio.com and we can investigate further. 

Did we purposely stop the reservation from being imported?

During your Guestfolio initial set up, we identify and stop certain reservations from being imported. Rate/Source/Market codes could be preventing the reservation from being imported into Guestfolio. Usually using rate or source code, reservations with code such as 'COMP' may be filtered. 

Was the reservation imported but no confirmation email was sent?

If you can find the reservation in Guestfolio but no confirmation email was sent, there are a couple things to confirm.
Check the Unsent Automated Emails column on the reservation detail page for status and reasons email were not sent.

You will see reasons including 'Conditions' meaning that rules set up on the email prevented the email from being sent.
'Bounced' indicates that the email was rejected when attempting to send.

The reservation changed but no email was sent. 

Should a new confirmation email be sent when details of the reservation are changed? Only if a modification email has been set up and the triggers are matched. This article describes creating and configuring your modification email.

For further information please contact  support@guestfolio.com