How do I get people to sign up to my newsletters? - Web signup form

There is a simple subscriber sign-up form that you can generate in your Guestfolio account and attach to your existing website in order to allow people to sign up to receive your newsletters. 

Consent to send emails - To stay compliant with email sending laws around the world, Guestfolio requires that consent to send emails is maintained at all times.  As such when a person enter's their email address in the signup form, Guestfolio will automatically send that person a follow up email asking them to confirm that they are giving their consent for your property to send them emails. This is known as a "double opt-in" email and ensures you have express consent to send emails to this subscriber. 

For more information on double opt-in emails and how to customize them click here

For more information on consent to send emails, click here.

How to setup a signup form

Navigate to Newsletters → Signup form in the Guestfolio administration area.

Guestfolio gives you three different options for signup forms, basic, hosted or advanced.

Basic - The simplest option, gives you code to insert into your webpage that will generate as per the screenshot below:

Hosted - Allows you to have a (Click here to subscribe) button that will link to an external signup page.  The page will use the hotel styling from your mobile concierge and/or survey and will have options for first name, last name and email.

Advanced - Provides options for the guest to fill in more details including pre-defined interests.  Also includes options for input validation, css styling and the option redirect guests to an alternate page after sign up.  This can be a page with a thank you message. 

The advanced signup form allows you to record a guest's language, this can be used to trigger custom language specific opt-in confirmation emails. For more information on setting this up click here.

Once you've selected the appropriate options, you will need to copy and paste the provided HTML into your website or provide it to your IT team to do this for you.

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