Sandbox Mode

When you are setting up your account it is sometimes useful to create test reservations. Guestfolio has a Sandbox Mode so that you can create these reservations without them appearing in your live data or counting in your reporting. Sandbox Mode is enabled per user, so you can be working on testing while your Front Desk or other staff are still replying to real requests or surveys in live data.

To enable Sandbox Mode for your account, navigate to Hotel Settings -> Manage your users.

Select your user name from the list and scroll to  Enable sandbox mode. Check the box and save your settings. 

You will notice that most if not all your reservations have now disappeared. You are in a "Sandbox" mode where you can create fake reservations and view the results for those. This makes it much easier to test your accounts settings. The reservations you create in Sandbox Mode are persistent.  They will disappear when you exit Sandbox Mode, and they will reappear next time you turn it on. 

* Please note * Sandbox mode only applies to reservations, any other changes made to your account while in Sandbox mode will affect your account and won't disappear or revert back when you exit Sandbox mode.  

To exit Sandbox Mode repeat the same steps as above, only unchecking the Sandbox Mode box. You will see all your reservations return. You are now back in live mode.