Reports in your inbox

Reports sent to your inbox are a great way of staying in touch with activity in your Guestfolio account. It helps you maintain the pulse of your guest engagement activities.
To make it easier to implement any of these inbox reports we recommend that you login to your Guestfolio account and then follow along with the links provided below

Daily Arrival Report

Great for: A preview of guests who are checking in today including available social and reservation information. Turn on this report

Email Failure Report

Great for: Marketing and Front Desk Managers who wish to maintain valid email address for guests. Turn on this report

Mobile Concierge Requests Report

Great for: Concierge or small Front Desk teams who wish to be notified if a guest has made a pre-arrival request.  Turn on this report

Daily Survey Report

Great for: Operational service staff who wish to see a summary of the previous days guest satisfaction surveys.  Turn on this report

Campaign Completion Report

Great for: Marketing managers who want to know when their newsletter campaign has been delivered.