Introduction to Guestfolio Newsletters

The Guestfolio Newsletters feature provides a way to send email campaigns to targeted lists of subscribers. These subscribers can be sourced from guest reservations, or from manually uploaded data files. This article provides an overview of the terminology and functionality of the Guestfolio Newsletter module.

Subscriber A contact that will receive an emailed newsletter. At the minimum, only an email address is required to create a subscriber. The subscribers can be automatically sourced from Guestfolio guest reservations, or from subscriber list data files(excel, csv, etc) manually uploaded into the Newsletter module.
List A collection of subscribers that can be used as a target for an email campaign.
Locked/Unlocked Lists can be either locked or unlocked. If a list is unlocked, it will automatically fill with subscribers sourced from your hotel's guest reservation details as new reservations are made(subject to whatever rules and filters are present on the list).
Once a list is locked, its will no longer .
Interest An interest represents an abstract category/topic/etc that subscribers can choose(or be chosen) to be subscribed to. Subscribers can control which interests they are subscribed to, and lists can be generated(and campaigns sent) to subscribers with specific a specific interest or interests.
Campaign A campaign is a single email sent out at one time to all the subscribers on a list.
Template A template is a way of saving commonly used email layouts for use in future campaigns
File A data file (CSV, excel) containing subscriber contact information which can be uploaded to Guestfolio and used in lists.

Basic operation (Send to everyone in a data file)

The most basic usage of Newsletters is to upload a file to create a list of subscribers that you want to target, and send them an email campaign, with the email itself built either from scratch or using a template. To achieve this, you would follow these broad steps:

  1. Create a list from a data file. See: How do I import an email list?
  2. Create a campaign based on that list. See: [Creating a campaign]
  3. Send the campaign.

Advanced operation (Target using subscription interests or other criteria)

You can create a custom list for a particular campaign that can combine subscribers sourced from either guest reservations or file uploads, or both. This list can be further filtered by subscriber interests or other filter criteria. To achieve this, you would follow these broad steps:

  1. Create a new Smart List. See: [Creating a Smart List]
  2. Apply whatever filters are needed to that list to narrow the subscribers selection to those you are interested in. See: [Filtering a List]
  3. Create a campaign based on that list. See: [Creating a campaign]
  4. Send the campaign.