Introduction to the Dashboard

Welcome to the new Dashboard

We have been working hard on a new way to interact with Guestfolio and we are very excited to share it with you! Our goal at Guestfolio is to provide the best marketing platform for hoteliers. This update makes it easier than ever for you to engage with your guests, manage day-to-day tasks and learn more from your data. We have made the dashboard much easier to navigate, and have brought the tasks you login every day to do right to the front. We hope this update saves you time and helps you use Guestfolio’s products to their full capabilities.

Let’s tour through some of the major changes we have made.

The New Homepage

View and act on your latest TripAdvisor reviews, Mobile concierge requests and survey responses using the new ‘Latest activity’ tab

Quick view and live search interface for viewing arriving, checking out and in-house guests. The sort box quickly reloads the page showing only those guests that match your search.

View your guest trends over the past 30 days. To view more comprehensive reporting on EACH card, simply click on the item.

Guest reservations & profiles

Guest reservations has been updated considerably to have higher visibility within the main menu and to allow clients to act quickly on different information obtained from the guest.

Guest reservations have been exposed to the top level of navigation in order to allow people to find reservations quicker. The reservations page now shows the total room revenue for the reservation.

The individual reservation page has been redesigned to include specific profile information including aggregated historic information for total spend, average survey rating and generated request revenue as well as useful social details directly on the page for quick overview.

If an individual reservation has only completed one survey, an overview of the survey details will be included directly in line within the profile.

Guest reservations now include detailed tables for sent and unsent automated emails with the option to preview, cancel and resend emails.

The guest profile page has been redesigned to give a broader overview of the guest social information as well as including aggregated information for total spend, average survey rating and generated request revenue.

  • Defined subscriber interests can be quickly updated on a guest profile
  • Clearer visibility of guest interaction
  • Easy to view information on whether a guest's email address is active (subscribed) or unsubscribed

Newsletter Campaigns

Users can now view all subscribers regardless of their membership to a list. It’s also possible to search for subscribers who have unsubscribed to validate their list status.

Satisfaction Surveys

Net Promoters, Passives and Detractors are now highlighted throughout the guest profile, if a Net Promoter question is setup, it’s simple to see an overview of results.

  • The initial report screen for surveys now shows a list of all completed surveys, their rating, a link to any TripAdvisor review, the NPS score and a link to reply immediately.

  • The aggregated survey report has been updated to give some overview details and graphical representation of the average rating.

  • More search functionality has been added to the survey reports so results can be broken down further.

New Reporting Capabilities

Our new reports show performance aggregated over time. ALL reports are filterable to specific date ranges with zooming capabilities and can be annotated directly in line as well as printed or exported to PDF. Each type of graph has different capabilities in terms of items that can be viewed.

Automated emails

  • Engagement (opens and clicks) and volume
  • Overview table showing full delivery, open and click metrics
  • Quick link through to failed messages


  • Reservation average room revenue and lead time
  • Reservation total room revenue, # of booked nights and created reservations


  • Average guest satisfaction rating and completion volume
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • TripAdvisor review rating and review volume


  • Total revenue and mobile concierge volume

  • Request volume broken down by type

  • Revenue by individual products
  • Quickview table showing top earning Mobile concierge listings with per product breakdown

Newsletter Campaigns

  • Conversion revenue and volume

The new Quick Search

  • Quick access to reservations and guest profiles from anywhere within the administration area using the new quick search functionality.

  • Quickly navigate to key areas of the administration area with natural search tags to take you to the required menu item.

Proofing Mode

This feature can be used internally for proofing (for Account Producers) or at a property level for proofing emails, Mobile Concierge and surveys.

  • If you need to create test reservations in your account, for instance when you are setting up a new account, you can enable proofing mode. Reservations created with this mode enabled will not be visible in your live account and will not impact any real data or reports.
  • To enable proofing mode, navigate to the settings menu and select "Manage users". Select your username and scroll to the last setting. Check the box labelled "Enable proofing reservations". When you have finished testing, simply return to the same menu and uncheck the box and click "update".
  • This setting is per user, so reservations created by other staff at your property will not be impacted by you enabling proofing mode. Reservations created in proofing mode are persistent, so the next time you enable it your old test reservations will still be there. 

Help & Support

An updated contextual help area is available from any page within the administration area.

  • By clicking the help icon on any page, this will bring out (to the right hand side of the screen) a slider presenting you with the available help options. Select ‘Search the Knowledge Base’ and start typing. This help function will suggest help topics based on the current page and allows you to search our help articles directly without leaving the administration area.

  • At first login, a help tour will pop up and guide you through the changes to the new administration design, this will let you know where new features are and how to use them. If you would like to view the tour again, simply click on help and select ‘tour’.

  • We have added many more hints on input fields where there is complexity.

User roles

  • 6 new user roles to allow more fine grained access control to users, specific role types and permissions documented here.
  • Users can now have multiple roles effectively allowing for 36 unique permission configurations. For example, users can be assigned to multiple groups with a specific role, for example, a “frontdesk” group user will only have access to frontdesk features but can switch to any specified managed hotels