How to resend an automated email manually

You can resend any email that Guestfolio has sent to a guest in the past or that has failed or that will be sent in the future. This includes reservations, confirmations, pre-arrival emails, cancellation notifications and survey emails.

To resend any email communication to a guest

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Search for the guest by reservation number or name. Select the reservation number.
  3. On the guest's reservation page at the bottom are two tables that display all emails that have sent and have not sent to a guest

 Both tables show the following information:

  • Subject - The title of the automated email as it appears in Guestfolio and when sent to a guest.
  • Type - Confirmation, Survey, Bringback, etc
  • Processed at (the date the email sent/did not send) or Schedule (When the email will send in the future)
  • Status - Delivered, Clicked, Opened, Did not send, Won't send, Pending.
  • Info - Displays date the email sent/will send or the reason why it didn't send.

The email actions button

This can be found on the right of any automated email.  Selecting this button gives you the option to manually and immediately send an email.  Doing this will override any conditions or filters that would stop the email from sending.  Selecting this button also gives you the option to preview the email and to cancel sending the email if it is yet to send.

Please note, the preview function will display how the email would look if it was sent now.  If the email had been previously sent to a guest and then the details of the reservation had changed.  The email would look different to what the guest received.  

If this is a confirmation email and the reservation details have been changed, the resent email will contain the updated information provided the updates have been picked up by Guestfolio. You can confirm this by looking at the details displayed on this screen. If they have not yet been picked up, please wait for the next update cycle from your PMS and refresh. The time frame for updates is dependent on your Property Management System.  NOTE: Resent emails do not adhere to email conditions and filters.