Analyzing survey responses

Survey responses generate a lot of useful feedback data. This article describes a few keys ways of viewing this data.

Dashboard Activity

From the dashboard we show you the latest survey responses with the ability to directly reply. 

As well, the 30 day Trends Tab gives you a quick glance a you recent performance. 

Limiting responses to a particular date range

  1. Select Surveys & Satisfaction from the side menu.

  2. Click the name of the active survey, then "Report" in the top right corner.

  3. Open "Search" and select dates. NOTE: The format for date is yyyy-mm-dd 

    You can limit your search by reservation dates, or by the date when the surveys were responded to. You can also optionally limit responses to only one particular rate code. 

  4. Click "Search". The page will now be showing statistics just for the criteria you have chosen.

Exporting your survey results

Once you have filtered the results to your desired criteria, you can export them to a CSV.

Select Surveys & Satisfaction from the side menu, then choose the active survey.

In the top right choose "Report".
  Once you set the dates you are looking for, you can select export from the top right once again.