How do I know when a guest didn't receive their confirmation email?

Unsent automated emails can be viewed in Guestfolio via three methods - emailed reports, under the Reports section of the dashboard and via a guest's profile. This article will outline each method.

Unsent emails in a guest's profile 

Under Reservations select the reservation you wish look into.  At the bottom of the page is the Unsent Automated Emails table.  This will show you all emails that were not sent to a guest including details and reason for not sending.  The button on the right gives you options to preview, cancel or resend the email.  Please be advised that resending emails to recipients that have already bounced can affect your sending reputation and should only be done once a correct email address has been obtained and verified.

Emailed reports

Your Guestfolio user account can be set up to send you a daily, weekly or monthly report on any bounced automated emails. This report can be accessed through your account user settings.  This page can be reached by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of any page in Guestfolio, selecting the option ‘“Hotel settings" and then selecting "Manage your users"

Select the user you wish to receive the report, the failure report settings are found at the bottom of their page.  

These email addresses should be corrected if possible in your PMS, they will then automatically sync and update to your Guestfolio account.

Failed messages in Reports

You can view a list of failed messages at any time by logging into your dashboard and clicking  Reports, then the Automated email tab. 

 At the bottom is a button which shows all recent failed email attempts. 

You can search these failed messages using the drop down box at the top of the page with options to search by date, type of email and failure status.  At the bottom is an option to export them to a CSV file.