What do the email status messages mean?

You may see emails with certain statuses attached to them within your Guestfolio account. Below are their meanings.

Event Criteria
Processed Message has been received and is ready to be delivered.
Dropped You may see the following drop reasons:
  • Invalid SMTPAPI header
  • Spam Content (if spam checker app enabled)
  • Unsubscribed Address
  • Bounced Address
  • Spam Reporting Address
  • Invalid
Delivered Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.
Deferred Recipient’s email server temporarily rejected message.
Bounced Receiving server could not or would not accept message.
Opened Recipient has opened the HTML message.
Clicked Recipient clicked on a link within the message.
Spam Report Recipient marked message as spam.
Unsubscribe Recipient clicked on messages’s subscription management link.
Won't send Will not send in the future, check info for explanation.
Did not send Did not send in the past, check info for explanation.
Pending Email will send in the future, schedule will tell you when.
Time window past Send time elapsed before the booking was created, eg a same day reservation wont get pre-arrival emails.
Check email address Invalid or not in use email address, normally a bounce.
Conditions Rules applied to email stopped it from sending, eg rate codes, dates etc.