Building date specific filter conditions

When creating date-specific conditions such as Holiday cancellation policies or notices which you only wish to appear during a certain timeframe, you can use the following syntax:

To Capture Reservations within a certain time frame

Example: Hotel Perfect has a specific Christmas cancellation policy that applies for stays between Dec. 22nd – Jan 2nd.

  • Check-in is BEFORE OR ON January 2, 2017
  • Check-out is AFTER OR ON December 22, 2016

The above conditions will capture ALL stays between Dec. 22nd and Jan 2nd, including those who may be arriving or departing before or after the check-in/check-out dates. For example: A guest is Checking-in on Dec. 26th and Checking-out on Jan. 3rd.

To capture reservations within a single date

The same Conditions also apply for single dates:

Example: Hotel Perfect is adjacent to a university and has a specific “Graduation Day” notice to display in the mobile concierge on June 15th. 

  • Check-in is BEFORE OR ON June 15, 2016
  • Check-out is AFTER OR ON June 15, 2016