Proofing your guest data

Proofing your guest data

Once we have done a preliminary import of your data into Guestfolio, we usually request that you verify the information alongside that displayed in your PMS to ensure that everything is stored correctly. Please log in at with your email address and the password you have been provided.

When you access your guest reservations, it will show all the guests that we have within the Guestfolio system. 

You can filter by Arriving, Departing, In-house, and Future reservations. 
Clicking on the reservation number will take you to the reservation detail whereas clicking the guest icon will take you to the guest's Profile.

Some things to check for:

  1. Make sure there are no trips within the system that you think should not be there, if you have requested a filter on a certain market source, rate code etc. Cross reference a reservation in your PMS to the Guestfolio guests to ensure they have been filtered out.
  2. Pay specific attention to the room revenue values on all guests but specifically those who have a reservation spanning a week and a weekend, have booked specials, packages or unusual rates and ensure that they match what the guest is being charged in your PMS.
  3. Any other anomalies, it's worth picking a few random guests and comparing their information in Guestfolio to that you have within your PMS.

NOTE: The information you are seeing on the Guestfolio dashboard is not what the guest will see, only those fields you have included in the confirmation email will be presented back to the guest.