Adding and managing cancellation policies

Setting up your cancellation polices in Guestfolio

Cancellation policies are automatically inserted into the footer of your concierge as well as emails sent to guests. Guestfolio supports having multiple cancellation polices, each of which you can apply selectively to reservations based on a filter like check in date or room code.

For example, you may have a different cancellation policy for winter months as for summer months, or for different room codes/market segments. This article describes how to set up cancellation policies, and how to apply them based on reservation filters.

Please note

When adding multiple cancellation policies, they should be added in a specific order to ensure Guestfolio captures all conditions. Please add in the following order. 

  • 1st — date specific cancellation policies 
  • 2nd — code specific cancellation policies
  • 3rd — all others (for example your generic policy would be added last)

Following this order will allow Guestfolio to review and hit all conditions before sending out the generic (‘to all’) policy.

Creating and managing a Cancellation Policy

Hotel settings To view, create & edit cancellation policies in Guestfolio, select "Hotel Settings" from the top right settings icon followed by the option “Cancellation Policies".

You can create a new policy by clicking the “Create new policy” button, or you can edit an existing policy by clicking the policy name. 

When creating or editing a policy
Name: is just an internal name for your policy, it doesn’t get shown to any guests.
Description: is the formatted text inserted into confirmation emails, etc.
Active: if this is unticked, the policy will be disabled & will not be shown anywhere.

Click “Update policy” to save your changes.

Seasonal/holiday or otherwise date-restricted policies

This will walk you through an example of how apply date filters to make a policy only apply to a certain date range, ie holidays or a season.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above to create or edit a Cancellation policy.
  2. On the “edit cancellation policy screen”, click “Add Condition group” and “Add condition” to add filter conditions. The following example shows a “Holiday” cancellation policy that is set up to only apply to guests who are in-house between December 22nd and after December 31st. 

  3. If you need any further help with understanding these filters, please contact us at, or use this website to request help.