Conditions and Filters

When sending marketing campaigns or automated emails (confirmation, survey bring-back etc) Guestfolio allows you to segment your guest and reservation database into sub categories and send targeted communications to those categories of guests.

To do this Guestfolio uses what we call conditions, these are filters that can be applied to an email that restricted who that particular email is sent to.  Guestfolio gives you a host of options and ways in which conditions can be applied, this can make setting up conditions a tricky process to begin with.

Conditions can be found in the edit screen of any  automated email or also in the edit screen of any subscriber list.

Condition statement construction

Condition statements are always made up of three things.

  1. Field - this is the part of the reservation that the condition will be applied to.  (rate code, source, country, market segment etc)
  2. Predicate - this tells you how the field will be looked at (eg "is equal to" "contains" "is blank" etc)
  3. Value - the specific thing the condition is looking for to filter by.  In the screen shot below the value is "BAR" meaning the email will only send to reservations with a rate code of "BAR"

Below is a table that lists all the predicate options available in Guestfolio.

Predicate Opposite Example usage
equals not equal to Rate code equals BEST
Will only match rate codes with the exact value "BEST"
matches doesn't match Source matches OTA
Will match any case insensitive source that equals "OTA", eg: "ota" or "oTA"
in not in Room code in KING, QUEEN
This allows you choose multiple values that will be checked and will match room codes "KING" or "QUEEN"
contains doesn't contain Market segment contains BUS
Will match any market segment that contains the value "BUS" eg: "BUSINESSBEST", "ALLBUSINESS"
starts with doesn't start with State  starts with Wa
Will match any string that starts with "Wa" eg: "Washington", "Washington State"
is present is blank Room code is present 
Will match any value as long as there is a value 
Is Blank will allow negating conditions to work if the field is empty
is true is false With family is true
Will match where there are children in the group 

Condition boxes - "All" vs "Any"

Conditions are grouped into boxes with the statement "Matching ALL or ANY conditions" at the top left of every box.  This means that inside a condition box either all the conditions have to pass for the email to send or only one (any) of the conditions have to be pass for the email to send. You can have multiple boxes with different conditions nested inside each other.

In the example screenshot below the top matching condition surrounding all the conditions is set to "All" meaning that all the condition boxes below have to pass in order for the email to send.  Inside that there is another condition box with its matching condition set to "Any" meaning that either but not necessarily both of the conditions inside the sub box have to pass for the email to send.  

Overall for this email to send the market segment would have to be "FSR" and either the rate code would have to be "BAR" or the source would have to be "OTA."  Because the matching condition for the sub box is set to "Any"  this will pass if either one or both of the rate code or source conditions is met.

Using negative conditions 

All conditions in Guestfolio have a negative version, for example "Rate code equals BAR" would mean an email would only send to reservations with a rate code of BAR.  The opposite of this "Rate code not equal to BAR" would mean the email would send to every reservation except those with a rate code of "BAR"


When using negating conditions, it is required to add a field Is Blank condition in a sub-group with an any condition, otherwise a reservation with a blank field will not pass the conditions and an email will not send. See below. 

 #Note, the matching statement for this condition box must be set to "Any."  Having it set to "All" would mean the email would never send because a rate code can never be blank and have a value at the same time.

Date specific conditions

For more information about how to set up conditions to filter for certain dates, click the link below:

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Filtering by repeat or first time guests

To filter your emails by if a guest has stayed at your hotel previously, click below:

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