Review service unique ID's

You can add several review services which will appear to guests after they have completed their survey prompting them to post their comments on a 3rd-party website.

For detailed instructions on how to set up survey responses and add third party review services to your survey emails click on the link below:

How to setup your guest survey, including TripAdvisor and other review services

Example review service ID's:

Review service Unique ID Example
Custom link The full URL to your custom review link
Facebook Your Facebook page ID / Name Guestfolio
Twitter Your Twitter username @Guestfolio
Yelp Your Yelp "Biz" name guestfolio-whistler
Google Your Google place ID* ChIJ42Bv1lI9h1QReILci_B9Fnk
TripAdvisor Your TripAdvisor location ID 123456
Triptease Your Triptease location ID 12345

*To find your Google place ID click here and type in your property name. The map will point to your property and give you your Google place ID.

Adding these review services will show a link and logo prompting the guest to go to that site.

Please note that the TripAdvisor integration provides an embedded form for your guests to post directly to TripAdvisor through the same Guestfolio interface. This will allow your guests, even without an existing TripAdvisor account, to publish their comments without having to leave the Guestfolio survey completion page.  

Guestfolio can also pre-populate the TripAdvisor review screen with answers your guest's have previously submitted in your hotel survey. Pre-populating the TripAdvisor review saves time and avoids double entry for your guests which will result in more reviews and lower abandonment rates.

For more information about setting up TripAdvisor review pre-population email or submit a work order to get this set up.